Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

GRC or Glass reinforced concrete is used by London Plastercraft to produce exterior mouldings and replicate traditional mouldings. This lightweight but very strong material can be moulded into a variety of shapes and is environmentally friendly unlike the more traditional concrete a much finer detail can be applied to the finished product. The strong fibres that are used in the material for these plaster mouldings help it set quickly and provide great strength that is not too heavy for exterior walls.

Above is just some of our many completed projects where we have used GRC glass reinforced concrete as a finish to the exterior of the property.

Above is a member of staff producing a moulding made of GRC Glass reinforced concrete in our manufacturing warehouse to be ready for installation for a client.

The above picture shows a member of our exterior fixing team fitting a corbel and other exterior mouldings made out of GRC Glass reinforced concrete to the outside of a property in north London.

Above is a finished example of London Plastercraft using GRC Glass reinforced concrete on a property in kensington, each of these panels where produced in GRC and fitted carefully to the exterior of the property and look stunning.

Above are all examples of some of our exterior plaster mouldings that we produce in GRC glass reinforced concrete, as you can see the detail is exceptional and the material used is very robust. if you require this type of service please get in touch with our showroom.

We can use GRC on most of our plaster products such as

Columns/ Pilasters Brackets/ Corbels Balustrades Over doors Cornices and many more