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Plaster Ceiling rose/Centre pieces

Welcome to our Ceiling rose pages in which we have a wide variety of
designs, Often called centre pieces.

Simply click on the image or pattern number for further information.

Originally used for design purposes only and adapted later on as a
backdrop for Electric lights following the industrial revolution in the
late 19th century.

Some of our Georgian and Victorian ceiling roses have been adapted for
this purpose and some remain as originally designed.

Most of our Ceiling roses/ centre pieces have been altered so they can
be cast as a single unit and easily fitted, Some of these plaster mouldings are still cast in
sections to be fitted individually on site.

We have Tudor ceiling roses, Regency ceiling roses, Georgian ceiling
roses as well as other modern and period ceiling roses in many different
designs and sizes all will add character and design to any room.

Our wide selection of Plaster Ceiling roses/Centre pieces are usually in
stockĀ  and available for immediate use.

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  • CP 01

    CP 01

    Diameter: 680mm
  • CP 02

    CP 02

    Diameter: 642mm
  • CP 03

    CP 03

    Diameter: 610mm
  • CP 04

    CP 04

    Diameter: 762mm
  • CP 05

    CP 05

    Diameter: 610mm
  • CP 06

    CP 06

    Diameter: 458mm
  • CP 07

    CP 07

    Diameter: 610mm
  • CP 08

    CP 08

    Diameter: 440mm
  • CP 09

    CP 09

    Diameter: 483mm
  • CP 10

    CP 10

    Diameter: 610mm
  • CP 11

    CP 11

    Diameter: 577mm
  • CP 12

    CP 12

    Diameter: 610mm
  • CP 13

    CP 13

    Diameter: 605mm
  • CP 14

    CP 14

    Diameter: 510mm
  • CP 15

    CP 15

    Diameter: 500mm
  • CP 16

    CP 16

    Diameter: 450mm