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Our Columns and Pilasters come in a variety of styles such as fluted and plain. These plaster mouldings are available in plaster or GRP (Glass reinforced plastic), GRP or GRC for exterior mouldings use,the Columns are available in halves and the height of both columns and pilasters can be adjusted to suit your preference please get in touch with us with the dimensions you require.

Please click on the Column or Pilaster image to view full size.

COL = Column
PL = Pilaster

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  • COL A

    COL A

    Height: 3000mm
    Cap Height: 220mm
    Cap Width: 445mm
    Base Height: 465mm
  • COL B

    COL B

    Height: 2900mm
    Cap Height: 340mm
    Cap Width: 665mm
    Base Height: 265mm
  • COL C

    COL C

    Height: 2700mm
    Cap Height: 325mm
    Cap Width: 560mm
    Base Height: 380mm
  • COL D

    COL D

    Height: 2900mm
    Cap Height: 220mm
    Cap Width: 420mm
    Base Height: 220mm
  • COL E

    COL E

    Height: 2630mm
    Cap Height: 240mm
    Cap Width: 480mm
    Base Height: 260mm
  • COL F

    COL F

    Height: 2580mm
    Cap Height: 140mm
    Cap Width: 250mm
    Base Height: 125mm
  • COL G

    COL G

    Height: 2360mm
    Cap Height: 265mm
    Cap Width: 470mm
    Base Height: 265mm
  • COL H

    COL H

    Height: 2040mm
    Cap Height: 175mm
    Cap Width: 330mm
    Base Height: 170mm
  • COL J

    COL J

    Height: 2770mm
    Cap Height: 270mm
    Cap Width: 440mm
    Base Height: 180mm
  • COL K

    COL K

    Height: 2700mm
    Cap Height: 200mm
    Cap Width: 610mm
    Base Height: 150mm
  • PL 01

    PL 01

    Height: 800mm
    Width: 180mm
    Cap: 230x75mm
    Base: 225x194mm
  • PL 02

    PL 02

    Height: 2250mm
    Width: 250mm
    Cap: 395x100mm
    Base: 200x175mm
  • PL 02

    PL 03

    Height: 2425mm
    Width: 200mm
    Cap: 310x165mm
    Base: 280x220mm
  • PL 04

    PL 04

    Height: 2370mm
    Base: 235x170mm
  • PL 02

    PL 05

    Height: 1833mm
    Width: 240mm
  • PL 02

    PL 06

    Height: 2125mm
    Width: 150mm
    Cap: 155x155mm
    Base: 175x180mm