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Regency Mouldings (1812-1820) & Other Cornices

The Cornice profile being shown above is CR 256.

The Regency era is a time in history particularly noted for distinctive designs in architecture and fine arts. Elegant and ornate designs flourished as the upper classes relished in culture and refinement.

Named after King James the 1st the Jacobean era (1603 -1625) was a continuation of the Elizabethan era encompassing classical architecture with a distinct Italian flare for intricacy of design. Characteristic designs of the era co-regents King William III and Mary II reigned was highly influenced by French design and often included C and S scrolls, acanthus leaf and scallop shells.

Here at London Plastercraft you will find a fantastic selection of cornice / coving styles from Regency, Jacobean and William &Mary Time periods. Our regency mouldings are perfect for home owners looking to add some personality to their home as opposed to following the modern cornice styles many people choose today, particularly if the property is of that era.

Should you have a particular design from any of these 3 different historical eras that we don’t stock, don’t forget we can cast any design specifically to suit your requirements. All of our Regency, Jacobean and William and Mary coving and cornices are hand crafted by our talented artisans who have a wealth of knowledge and experience on all types of historical architecture.

Should you require any assistance or advice please do not hesitate to give us a call so that one of our friendly staff members can help you in making the correct selection to achieve the best end result.

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  • CR 181 Georgian Cornice/Coving

    CR 197 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 75mm
    Depth: 140mm
  • CR 181 Georgian Cornice/Coving

    CR 251 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 75mm
    Depth: 125mm
  • CR 181 Georgian Cornice/Coving

    CR 252 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 112mm
    Depth: 160mm
  • CR 181 Georgian Cornice/Coving

    CR 256 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 87mm
    Depth: 295mm
  • CR 181 Georgian Cornice/Coving

    CR 270 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 282mm
    Depth: 150mm
  • CR 300 Georgian Cornice/Coving

    CR 304 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 165mm
    Depth: 80mm
  • CR 317 Regency Cornice/Coving

    CR 317 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 145mm
    Depth: 270mm
  • CR 336 Regency Cornice/Coving

    CR 336 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 165mm
    Depth: 160mm
  • CR 353 Regency Cornice/Coving

    CR 353 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 124mm
    Depth: 220mm
  • CR 365 Regency Cornice/Coving

    CR 365 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 285mm
    Depth: 115mm
  • CR 374 Regency Cornice/Coving

    CR 374 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 205mm
    Depth: 60mm
  • CR 405 Regency Cornice/Coving

    CR 405 Regency Cornice/Coving

    Projection: 375mm
    Depth: 150mm
  • CR 579

    CR 579

    Projection: 205mm
    Depth: 180mm