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Cornice Restoration

London Plastercraft Ltd offer a specialist service where we restore a properties cornice/coving back to its original appearance. This type of work can also be done with ceiling roses and other plaster mouldings, this service is particularly good when we come across properties that have had their cornice/coving covered over the years with layers of paint making the detail of the plaster mouldings very difficult to see. Our team of experts will carefully place place a paint thinning chemical known as peel away onto the cornice/coving/ceiling rose desired, then once this has set they will very skillfully remove the layers of paint and pick the plaster mouldings back to their original sharp look, we have seen some very nice patterns beneath the paint and always achieve excellent results.

Castlenau peel away Castlenau peel away 1 Castlenau peel away 2 Castlenau peel away 3
IMG_1413 IMG_1415 IMG_1416
Castlenau peel away 5 IMG_1407 IMG_1417 IMG_1409
Above was a recent project carried out in Barnes where as you can see the original cornice was severly covered over the years with paint, we had succesfully removed the paint to get quality results as shown.

We also will repair any cornice/coving that has been chipped, cracked or damaged due to a leak etc. We have often come across repair work where the cornice above has been deemed unsafe by the client or property owner and London Plastercraft Ltd will carefully correct all of these problems and leave you with prosperous results.

Pimlico restoration 1 Pimlico restoration 2 Pimlico restoration 4 Pimlico restoration 5
Pimlico restoration 7 Pimlico restoration 6 Pimlico restoration 8
Above some of our team are carefully removing part of a cornice that was deemed unsafe due to water damage and was in danger of falling off, we had repaired the cornice and installed it safely so no such problems can arise in the future.

Peel away Peel away 2 Peel away 4 Peel away 4 (1)
Above is another example of our skilled peel away work

If any of the above problems arise please get in touch with our showroom where they can arrange for one of our estimators to come over and give you a full quote of what works needs to be carried out.