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Our Corbels/Brackets can be used for decorational purposes for arches and beams or to cover metal brackets on walls, these plaster mouldings have been adapted from traditional and modern styles and look stunning in living rooms, hallways and other areas inside homes of all periods they are also very common on the exterior of properties particularly in central London.

All of these plaster mouldings can be produced in the following materials:

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  • BKT 01

    BKT 01

    Projection: 98mm
    Height: 152mm
    Width: 156mm
  • BKT 02

    BKT 02

    Projection: 140mm
    Height: 355mm
    Width: 147mm
  • BKT 03

    BKT 03

    Projection: 165mm
    Height: 260mm
    Width: 267mm
  • BKT 04

    BKT 04

    Projection: 55mm
    Height: 150mm
    Width: 140mm
  • BKT 05

    BKT 05

    Projection: 90mm
    Height: 290mm
    Width: 138mm
  • BKT 06

    BKT 06

    Projection: 80mm
    Height: 356mm
    Width: 240mm
  • BKT 07

    BKT 07

    Projection: 155mm
    Height: 280mm
    Width: 180mm
  • BKT 08

    BKT 08

    Projection: 100mm
    Height: 300mm
    Width: 210mm
  • BKT 09

    BKT 09

    Projection: 105mm
    Height: 300mm
    Width: 230mm
  • BKT 10

    BKT 10

    Projection: 90mm
    Height: 247mm
    Width: 145mm
  • BKT 11

    BKT 11

    Projection: 90mm
    Height: 175mm
    Width: 160mm
  • BKT 12

    BKT 12

    Projection: 130mm
    Height: 265mm
    Width: 175mm
  • BKT 13

    BKT 13

    Projection: 157mm
    Height: 393mm
    Width: 258mm
  • BKT 14

    BKT 14

    Projection: 90mm
    Height: 170mm
    Width: 114mm
  • BKT 15

    BKT 15

    Projection: 135mm
    Height: 265mm
    Width: 240mm
  • BKT 16

    BKT 16

    Projection: 65mm
    Height: 172mm
    Width: 125mm