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The Miscellaneous page contains plaster mouldings and exterior mouldings such as wall and ceiling panels, balustrades, niches and more.

Our skirtings come in a variety of sizes and look stunning in rooms fitted with cornice/coving, as they are produced in plaster they have a much better finish to those that are manufactured in wood.

The wall friezes or wall panels that they are sometimes known as are available as single fitted plaster mouldings are can be fitted to run across the wall in a room. The balustrades are produced in GRG, GRC, GRP and are used for exterior use.

BAL = Balustrades
WF = Wall Frieze
SK = Skirting Board

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  • BAL 01

    BAL 01

    Height: 460mm
    Width: 100mm
    Cap: 110x110mm
  • BAL 02

    BAL 02

    Height: 367mm
    Width: 85mm
    Cap: 85x85mm
  • Dome 01

    Dome 01

    Diameter: 1540mm
    Depth: 200mm
    Width: (Trough) 1230mm
    Overall Width: (Trough) 1760mm
  • Flower S

    Flower M

    Diameter: 118mm
    Height: 35mm
  • Flower S

    Flower S

    Diameter: 100mm
    Height: 30mm
  • SK 01

    SK 01

    Projection: 28mm
    Depth: 351mm
  • SK 02

    SK 02

    Projection: 23mm
    Depth: 308mm
  • SK 03

    SK 03

    Projection: 32mm
    Depth: 324mm
  • SK 04

    SK 04

    Projection: 23mm
    Depth: 298mm
  • SK 05

    SK 05

    Projection: 24mm
    Depth: 217mm
  • SK 06

    SK 06

    Projection: 37mm
    Depth: 253mm
  • WF 01

    WF 01

    Overall Height: 331mm
    Overall Width: 1050mm
    Pattern Height: 865mm
  • WF 02

    WF 02

    Overall Height: 358mm
    Overall Width: 1398mm
    Pattern Height: 1230mm
  • WF 03

    WF 03

    Overall Height: 260mm
    Overall Width: 1245mm
    Pattern Height: 1195mm
  • WF 04

    WF 04

    Height: 320mm
    Width: 2000mm
    Pattern Height: 2000mm
  • WF 05

    WF 05

    Height: 320mm
    Width: 1800mm
    Pattern Height: 1400mm