Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) & Fastcast

GRP or Glass-reinforced plastic also known as fibreglass is a common type of exterior work used by London Plastercraft; we like to use this on outside properties because it is extremely strong and tough but very lightweight to move around and fix, and is weather resistant. We also like to use chopped strand matt in our technique as it gives a much better reinforcement. We have produced stunning results with GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) whether they have been with very large mouldings or small intricate detailed exterior plaster mouldings, for this particular specialist service we offer a supplying and manufacturing of materials and fixing too.

Just some of our stunning work where we have used GRP Glass reinforced glass

One of our team applying the necessary materials to our GRP exterior mould.

Fastcast is a material similar to GRP that we use in plaster mouldings to give a smoother finish, it is very quick to set and very lightweight to use making it easier to fix to ceilings etc, we can use this material on the majority of our plaster mouldings but it is particularly used on ceiling roses, brackets and corbels, small ornaments.

Above is an example of London Plastercraft using fastcast on a corbel

Above is a plaster ornament made of fastcast being stuck onto a plaster cornice for effect.