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Over Doors

Our Over doors are unique plaster mouldings, that can be used as interior and exterior mouldings produced in plaster, GRP, GRC and used for stucco. These give an excellent appearance to the outside of a property and can look great in rooms that has cornice/coving fitted in.

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  • OD 01

    OD 01

    Height: 470mm
    Shoulder Height: 235mm
    Length (HP): 1260mm
    Length (LP): 1125mm
  • OD 02

    OD 02

    Height: 225mm
    Shoulder Height: 110mm
    Length (HP): 1490mm
    Length (LP): 1270mm
  • OD 03

    OD 03

    Height: 270mm
    Shoulder Height: 155mm
    Length (HP): 1515mm
    Length (LP): 1350mm
  • OD 04

    OD 04

    Height: 335mm
    Length (HP): 1600mm
    Length (LP): 1400mm
  • OD 05

    OD 05

    Height: 430mm
    Shoulder Height: 125mm
    Length (HP): 1350mm
    Length (LP): 1150mm
  • OD 06

    OD 06

    Height: 320mm
    Shoulder Height: 150mm
    Length (HP): 1530mm
    Length (LP): 1240mm
  • OD 07

    OD 07

    Height: 560mm
    Shoulder Height: 295mm
    Length (HP): 1610mm
    Length (LP): 1480mm
  • OD 08

    OD 08

    Height: 390mm
    Shoulder Height: 250mm
    Length (HP): 1440mm
    Length (LP): 1465mm