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Match To Existing

London Plastercraft Ltd offer a Match to existing service, where we can take profiles or design ideas from our customers and replicate them to their preference. This type of service can be essential in particular period homes where the original cornice needs to be replicated exactly. Our experienced and high quality team are able to manufacture this service in very reasonable time depending on the volume and style of the mouldings, as you will see below our clay modellers can produce exceptional work.

Queensgate Queensgate2 Queensgate3 Queensgate4
Queensgate5 Queensgate6 Queensgate7
Above is a recent project we completed at Queensgate, SW7, we matched the original profile of the cornice and then our team carefully stuck individually all the original plates, leafs etc.

photo13 photo16
One of our team running off a match to existing mould for a client

IMG_1639 IMG_1636
A dome mould we have replicated for a client that is to be fixed to the ceiling of a shower room.

IMG_1637 IMG_1628
An extra large cornice mould, that is being prepared and completed by our team.

IMG_1423 IMG_1433 IMG_1432 IMG_1435
IMG_1438 IMG_1437 IMG_1439

Website-4 BKT 13
Orignal corbel/bracket and the clay modelled version, finally the finished product cast in plaster.

Website-61 Website-62 Website-68
Different stages in replicating an egg and dart cornice.

photo14 photo15 photo28
We can also work with wooden mouldings and produce them in plaster.

photo1 photo6 photo12 photo41
Original moulding produced in clay and finally the finished product.

photo8 photo9 photo18 photo51
Fire damaged moulding that we have succesfully replicated to its original appearance.

photo3 photo2 photo1 Westbourne grove
Above is an exterior moulding from the adjacent property we are matching. We have restored using clay and successfully fitted onto the property.

Our replicated profile being fitted against the original.

To get a quote on any match to existing work please contact our showroom.