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Welcome to our Capitals page, these plaster mouldings are suited to our column and pilasters in which they are fitted to the top depending on the size of them. Like the columns and pilasters we can produce these in plaster, GRP, GRC, GRG for exterior use. We have a very broad selection and if theres anything we can assist you on please contact our showroom.

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  • CAP 01

    CAP 01

    Projection: 110mm
    Height: 200mm
    Width: 192mm
    Overall Width: 310mm
  • CAP 02

    CAP 02

    Projection: 145mm
    Height: 140mm
    Width: 190mm
    Overall Width: 325mm
  • CAP 03

    CAP 03

    Projection: 130mm
    Height: 220mm
    Width: 240mm
    Overall Width: 260mm
  • CAP 04

    CAP 04

    Projection: 160mm
    Height: 365mm
    Width: 340mm
    Overall Width: 395mm
  • CAP 05

    CAP 05

    Projection: 125mm
    Height: 130mm
    Width: 220mm
    Overall Width: 292mm
  • CAP 06

    CAP 06

    Projection: 125mm
    Height: 230mm
    Width: 330mm
    Overall Width: 510mm
  • CAP 06

    CAP 06 Small

    Projection: 130mm
    Height: 230mm
    Width: 210mm
    Overall Width: 340mm
  • CAP 07

    CAP 07

    Projection: 165mm
    Height: 158mm
    Width: 250mm
    Overall Width: 355mm
  • CAP 08

    CAP 08

    Projection: 160mm
    Height: 170mm
    Width: 315mm
    Overall Width: 385mm
  • CAP 09

    CAP 09

    Projection: 260mm
    Height: 250mm
    Width: 280mm
    Overall Width: 540mm
  • CAP 10

    CAP 10

    Projection: 215mm
    Height: 385mm
    Width: 380mm
    Overall Width: 470mm
  • CAP 11

    CAP 11

    Projection: 180mm
    Height: 190mm
    Width: 320mm
    Overall Width: 550mm
  • CAP 12

    CAP 12

    Projection: 70mm
    Height: 165mm
    Width: 165mm
    Overall Width: 230mm
  • CAP 13

    CAP 13

    Projection: 130mm
    Height: 145mm
    Width: 270mm
    Overall Width: 310mm
  • CAP 14

    CAP 14

    Projection: 42mm
    Height: 163mm
    Width: 107mm
    Overall Width: 125mm
  • CAP 15

    CAP 15

    Projection: 150mm
    Height: 175mm
    Width: 170mm
    Overall Width: 235mm