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Our coving lighting trough cornices are all completely unique and look stunning with an LED light on show. Our cornice lights are becoming very popular in modern day homes which is no surprise due to the gorgeous effect they give off in any home. Our coving lighting troughs have all been designed and produced by London Plastercraft. We have done our best to cater for every type of room with the stock we carry and are able to replicate any lighting trough ideas you may have. Over the years we have worked with many architects using coving lighting for their projects which is becoming rapidly more popular.

The lighting trough cornices look outstanding in all types of rooms and certainly in many hotel rooms and residential builds, the cornice lights is the first thing people notice. The coving lighting has given the fibrous plaster industry a new way to look at cornice / coving. For more information about our cornice lighting troughs please contact our showroom for any queries.

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  • LT 01

    LT 01

    Projection: 150mm
    Depth: 100mm
  • LT 02

    LT 02

    Projection: 185mm
    Depth: 140mm
  • LT 03

    LT 03

    Projection: 150mm
    Depth: 150mm
  • LT 04

    LT 04

    Projection: 140mm
    Depth: 185mm
  • LT 05

    LT 05

    Projection: 65mm
    Depth: 65mm
  • LT 06

    LT 06

    Projection: 100mm
    Depth: 130mm
  • LT 07

    LT 07

    Projection: 150mm
    Depth: 100mm
  • LT 08

    LT 08

    Projection: 73mm
    Depth: 95mm
  • LT 09

    LT 09

    Projection: 103mm
    Depth: 98mm
  • LT 10

    LT 10

    Projection: 190mm
    Depth: 105mm
  • LT 11

    LT 11

    Projection: 150mm
    Depth: 135mm
  • LT 12 M

    LT 12 M

    Projection: 220mm
    Depth: 190mm
  • LT 12 S

    LT 12 S

    Projection: 165mm
    Depth: 160mm