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Exterior Mouldings

Exterior work

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Our exterior mouldings is also a very popular service among our clients and we have had great success in this field. For this service we use all the very best methods and materials such as:
GRG – To see more information on this please click here.
GRC – To see more information on this please click here.
GRP – To see more information on this please click here.
Stucco – To see more information on this please click here
Lime Plaster – To see more information on this please click here

GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete)
GRC or Glass reinforced concrete is used by London Plastercraft to produce exterior mouldings and replicate traditional mouldings. This lightweight but very strong material can be moulded into a variety of shapes and is environmentally friendly unlike the more traditional concrete a much finer detail can be applied to the finished product. The strong fibres that are used in the material for these plaster mouldings help it set quickly and provide great strength that is not too heavy for exterior walls.
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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) & Fastcast
GRP or Glass-reinforced plastic also known as fibreglass is a common type of exterior work used by London Plastercraft; we like to use this on outside properties because it is extremely strong and tough but very lightweight to move around and fix, and is weather resistant. We also like to use chopped strand matt in our technique as it gives a much better reinforcement. We have produced stunning results with GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) whether they have been with very large mouldings or small intricate detailed exterior mouldings, for this particular specialist service we offer a supplying and manufacturing of materials and fixing too.

Stucco, Lime Plaster and Lath and Plaster
Stucco is a method we use for exterior work when we are moulding detailed architectural decorations and as a finish to exterior walls where lime and sand and cement will also be used. We like to use stucco because of its durability and the fact that it doesn’t need any maintenance unlike wood and brick it can withstand all weather conditions. Stucco makes an exterior of a home or building look stunning and can increase property value in cases, it is also very versatile meaning that we can apply it to concrete and wood properties.